July 29, 2021

APCO Holdings to get new CEO

Auto retail and software veteran Scot Eisenfelder will replace Finbarr O’Neill as the CEO of APCO Holdings, a leading finance-and-insurance company that owns the EasyCare, GWC Warranty and MemberCare brands. The transition will take effect May 1.

Eisenfelder, 57, will guide the company through upcoming initiatives, including the expansion of core offerings to assist dealership digital retailing and deepen credit union relationships, the company said in a statement. The group also plans to move further into recreational vehicles and direct-to-consumer F&I sales channels.

O’Neill, 69, steps down after a two-year commitment as chairman and chief executive of the company that began in 2019. He will transition to executive chairman to oversee strategic direction and senior management development. O’Neill retired as CEO of J.D. Power in 2018.

During his tenure at APCO, O’Neill’s chief goal was to focus on the company’s core values, offering dealership services with an emphasis on effective F&I sales in an increasingly digital sales environment, he told Automotive News.

“We made a lot of great progress in 2019. Of course, COVID was a bit of a shock,” he said. “We worked with our dealer clients in every way we could, whether it was remotely or coming to their stores, helping them with training, helping them transition through COVID.

“And we had an excellent year.”

Eisenfelder previously was senior vice president of strategy at AutoNation, senior vice president of product management at JM Family Enterprises and senior vice president of strategy and marketing at Reynolds and Reynolds.

Eisenfelder joined APCO as an independent board member in 2019. Last August, he became senior vice president of strategy and planning for the company.

“We’re going to stick to what we know how to do,” Eisenfelder said, “which is to drive profitability to the dealers and connectivity to their customers.”