August 4, 2021

DealerPolicy, J.D. Power team up on insurance quotes

It’s not always about the price.

Automotive insurance marketplace DealerPolicy is working with data analytics company J.D. Power to provide customers with insurance quotes based not only on cost but also other consumer preferences such as attentive customer service, robust digital technology, ease of filing and settling claims, and stability of premiums.

DealerPolicy customers rank from most important to least important their preferences and quickly receive insurance quotes from carriers to consider based on what the data indicates would be a good fit.

The new integration, launched May 4, came about after DealerPolicy approached J.D. Power in fall 2019. Fortunately, DealerPolicy CEO Travis Fitzgerald said, “our visions were perfectly aligned.”

Fitzgerald said the trust and respect people have for J.D. Power combined with DealerPolicy’s customer service was a perfect match.

“Both parties realized that by working together, we could empower customers with more information and choice by providing a truly personalized insurance shopping experience,” he said. “We were both really inspired to create a first-of-its-kind comparative rating technology representing both companies’ ideals with respect to customer centricity.”

After receiving their quotes, DealerPolicy customers can get advice from the company’s agents and receive policy documents within minutes.

Kyle Schmitt, vice president and managing director of global insurance at J.D. Power, said the company for years has researched how well insurance carriers have met customers’ expectations but too often consumers were on their own.

“By teaming with DealerPolicy, we are empowering consumers to pick the experience they want by matching their preferences to carriers with a proven track record across multiple service dimensions,” Schmitt said in a statement. “This will provide a better experience for the consumer and better retention for the carrier.”