July 24, 2021

Inging joins forces with Lotus Super GT team for 2021

The new alliance’s solo entry, which will carry the gold-and-black livery used by Inging in 2020 but the Lotus’s traditional #2, will be driven by Hiroki Katoh and Ryohei Sakaguchi. 

Inging, best known for its Super Formula team run in conjunction with Toyota GT500 squad Cerumo, entered a Toyota 86 MC in the GT300 division last year for Sakaguchi and Kazuto Kotaka, scoring two pole positions and two podium finishes.

Long-time Lotus partner team Cars Tokai Dream28 won a race with its Evora, driven by Katoh and former GT500 champion Masataka Yanagida.

The merger between the teams means Kotaka and Yanagida are both without drives for 2021, although Kotaka’s status as a Toyota junior means he is likely to end up elsewhere.

Bridgestone will supply the team’s tyres, continuing its relationship with Inging from last year but marking a change for Lotus, which ran on Yokohamas in 2020.

Cars Tokai Dream28 chief engineer Shintaro Watanabe will continue in his role with the new team, while Inging engineer Kotaro Tanaka takes an advisory role.

#6 ADVICS muta MC86

#6 ADVICS muta MC86

Photo by: Masahide Kamio

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