July 26, 2021

Super GT to hold most races at one of three tracks

Toyota-owned Fuji, as well as Suzuka and Motegi, which are both owned by Honda subsidiary Mobilityland, will now all hold multiple rounds this season, with Okayama, Sugo, Autopolis and Sepang dropping off the schedule altogether.

Okayama had been planning to maintain its status as the opening round of the year when series organiser GTA revealed its previous draft calendar in early April at the height of the coronavirus epidemic in Japan.

However, the track was understood to be unwilling to host a race with no spectators, and likewise Sugo and Autopolis would not be in a position to do so either.

As previously reported by Motorsport.com, the season will now kick off at Fuji on July 18-19. The first four rounds – two at Fuji, one at Suzuka and one at Motegi – will all be held behind closed doors, with subsequent races being opened up to fans if conditions allow.

Fuji will host a third round in early October, which could be the first open to fans, with further events following in Suzuka and Motegi.

The season will conclude at Thailand’s Buriram circuit on December 26-27 if international travel is possible, but if not Fuji will hold a fourth round to close out the campaign in November.

However, no attempt will be made to reschedule the Malaysian round at Sepang, which was due to return to the calendar this year with a night race.

Previously-announced plans to hold a pre-season test at Fuji on June 27-28 remain in place.

Japan lifted the state of emergency for the five prefectures where it was still in force, including Tokyo and its neighbouring areas, on May 25. Professional sport in the country, including baseball and soccer, is set to resume in mid-June with no spectators allowed.

Revised 2020 SUPER GT calendar:

*Races with no spectators

**Depending on international travel situation

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