September 18, 2020

To teach financial skills, start early


I couldn’t agree more with Kyle Birch’s article “Closing the financial literacy gap” (Aug. 31). I’ve been in this business since 1981 and have witnessed lots of changes, but the one thing that has remained constant is that many customers just don’t understand how money works. I have a unique perspective in that I am in the buy-here, pay-here marketplace. At our company, our goal is to see our customers “get to a better place.” To put our money where our mouth is, we have actively supported Junior Achievement in our local schools for the past 10 years. Some of my employees and I teach a seven-week class to eighth-grade students on financial literacy. So many don’t get the training at home nor are they getting it at school. The cycle keeps perpetuating because we’re wasting our time teaching kids algebra II when we should be teaching money management, banking, insurance and personal growth. If your readers want to make a difference, volunteer to lead a class for Junior Achievement. The self-satisfaction to see a kid “get it” is priceless.

PAUL CLABORN, President, Corp., Albertville, Ala.